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Mumokan: CASE 10. SOZAN AND POOR SEIZAI A monk named Seizai said to Sozan, "I am alone and poor. I beg my teacher to bestow upon me the alms of salvation." Sozan said, "Acarya Seizai!" "Yes, Sir?" replied Seizai. Sozan said, "Someone has drunk three bowls of the wine of Haku of Seigen, but says that he has not yet even moistened his lips." Mumon's Comment: Seizai overplayed his hand. Then what is his real state of mind? Sozan with his one eye sees through the recesses of his mind and comprehends what he really meant. However this may be so, where did Acarya Seizai drink the wine? The poorest like Hanzen, His spirit like that of Kou. He could barely make his living, And yet wishes to rival the wealthiest.

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